With the advent of Amazon’s Kindle and all those other reading devices out there, the opportunity to self-publish is so accessible now that pretty much anyone can do it now. The chains have been struck!

You don’t need a literary agent, you don’t need publishing connections, you don’t need an editor; you don’t even need talent.

It’s as simple as visiting Amazon and uploading that Microsoft Word document. You are now a published author! What, even ten years ago, seemed so incredibly remote and arduous is now as easy as streaming your favorite album online.

Prometheus has stolen fire from the gods, but what have we done with it?

Prometheus Kindle

“–and this new Paperwhite has no screen glare too!”

As a keen reader of fantasy and science-fiction, I am taking it upon myself to discover the coolest and creepiest self-published e-books in the genre and letting you know just what you might be getting yourself into when you Buy now with 1-Click


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