The Prodigal Reviewer Returns!

When I moved to America in the spring of 2014 I was without employment while waiting for my work authorization and so I made my first attempt at writing a novel. I went in without any great depth of planning, and after pounding away 40,000 words or so (of disjointed drivel, mostly) I gave up.

We all have a failed novel inside of us somewhere, don’t we?


One of my resolutions for 2016 though was to finish a first draft of a novel. A new novel, mind. I decided to let my past failure rest in peace as is rather than try and exhume the remains in ugly fashion.

This time around I’ve indulged in a lot more world-building and plotted far more intricately than before. I even have a color-coded plot outline on Excel now! I’ve nearly finished with the plotting now too, thank God.

It seems like it takes longer for me to roughly plot out the happenings of a chapter than actually write one. I’m itching to get into the trenches at this point.


The trenches seem quite fun from what I’ve heard about too!

While still finishing up my plotting, I’ve endeavored to try and write at least something every day. This comes per the advice of an insightful article from self-publishing Übermensch, Hugh Howey. That’ll be happening here.

So while chronicling my writing odyssey I’ve also decided to turn my hand back to reviewing self-published e-books as well. I have a Kindle again now, although the typing of this is coinciding with the exorbitant price increases of Kindle books on Amazon.

Rather than having to wade through a torrent of potential candidates on Amazon though I was lucky enough to have been emailed a few months ago by an author asking me to review his novel. Even better–it’s free!


The self-publishing Sarlaac of Amazon – where you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly driven mad by an abundance of literary cliches, nonsensical character motivations, underdeveloped vocabularies and shoddy formatting over a… thousand years.

As such I hope to have my review of  Seeking The Veil (Part 1) by Clifton Hill up by the end of the week. Until then!


Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Kaput. My beloved Kindle after two and a half years of faithful service has up and died. Despite always using a cover case, the screen has died and unfortunately the one-year warranty expired a while ago. Unfortunately there won’t be any more reviews on self-published ebooks for a while now until I purchase a new one, which probably won’t be for another couple of months.

Fortunately all the titles I have on my Kindle can be transferred to a new one and the Chicago public library system can handily fill my reading void for the time-being.

I will be getting in touch with Amazon on the off-chance that I might be able to get a replacement sent, but I’m not too hopeful.

A general update

I just finished The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson–for those voyeurs amongst you, you can monitor my reading activities through my Goodreads account–which wrapped up his excellent Mistborn Trilogy. The past month I’ve been compelled to work my way through those books and admittedly have been neglecting my reviewing duties. That said, I’m 8% through Birth of Blackheart right now and should hopefully be finished with it by the end of the week. There are some fantastic e-books on my radar for my next review subject too.

I’ve also added a new section to the blog, “Other Writing,” to highlight some of the work I’ve been doing covering video games for Elite Joystick and other things.

Hopefully I’ll have a review up then in the next few days!

A lack of activity

There’s not been any updates for a fair while and that’s because I’ve been reading The Well Of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson lately rather than anything self-published. I think it’s an earned reward.

I’m also getting married this Friday!

I should hopefully be able to start something new next week – message me if you’d like to suggest anything in particular.

Review of “The Soul Forge” coming…

It’s been nearly a week since my last pas so I wanted to assure my multitude of faithful readers that a new review should be soon coming.

Review coming soon...

Review coming soon…

I’m 71 percent through currently and hope to have it finished within the next couple of days. You can keep a closer look on my progress through my Goodreads (widget in the sidebar) if you’re that way inclined.

Check out The Soul Forge’s Amazon page if your interest is already piqued.